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Hits Blunt. 🤔

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley Bob Marley is a true inspiration. His music and his words are like the guide to a good life; but honestly...


Dear Comfort Zone…

Dear comfort zone, You’re so warm and gentle with me. You make me feel safe and unbothered. Being with you is the best, but it’s time to let go. Let me break free! I’m...


Video 4

For this week’s video I wrote a letter to “dating” and wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like it!   Here’s the actual letter: Dear dating, I’m tired of you....


Period Talk

Let’s be real… the whole world hates periods. Men hate it, and women… they definitely hate it. I mean cramps, and expensive products, and just blood… like everywhere. Theres leaks and the pain can...


Video 3

This week’s video is a little rant sighhhh: I hope you enjoy and make sure you leave me some good ol feedback such as your opinion on the situation and etc. Thanks for watching!


Smell Ya Later

In high school I’ve had many struggles from losing friends to getting into unnecessary drama and so on and so forth, however one of my truest struggles was my body smell. I believe it...


Video 2

Yayyy!!! We’ve made it to another Saturday’s video! Make sure you guys leave me some topics or questions you’d love for me to talk about for next Saturday! (: Thanks for watching! xxo


Masturbation 101

Did you know that John Harvey Kellogg, the creator of the Kellogg’s cereal brand, believed that masturbation was unhealthy so in order to prevent it he created corn flakes? Yeah, crazy right. Well… not really. Many...


Video 1

I didn’t get any questions this week so I just rambled on about myself and how my blog works. I can promise you I’m not as boring as I seem in the video haha!!...


Safe Sex

When you think of safe sex what comes to mind? I bet you thought of condoms and birth control. Well let me tell you my friend, it’s more than just that. While safe sex...